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How to Use Clothes Label Waste?

Jul. 01, 2021

Whether it's cheap clothes or expensive clothes, there will be a card-shaped paper tag on the clothes you buy back home. The more expensive the clothes, the more delicate the label design. Almost everyone cuts it off with a pair of scissors and throws it into the trash can. From a big point of view, this adds some domestic waste; from a small point of view, it also wastes some creative inspiration of the designer. After all, some label designs are indeed very good. The "labels" on new clothes are actually It can also be used to make these things, it can turn waste into treasure, don't throw it away foolishly! As a Garment Labels Manufacturer, share with you.

Digital Label Printer

Digital Label Printer

1. Store headphones

The earphone cable is long and thin, and it often looks messy when placed on the table. This not only affects the cleanliness and looks uncomfortable, but sometimes the earphones are entangled for a long time and cannot be untied, so various storages appear on the Internet. But the editor tells you that there is no need to waste this money at all. We can use the label on the clothes to make some simple earphone organizers: we only need to cut the three directions of the label, and then the earphones can be stored. How is it, is it convenient and economical?

2. Clean the keyboard

Nowadays, computers are used more and more frequently in our daily life, but the keyboard is also easy to accumulate dust. The surface is good and it is easier to clean. Then, if the dust stuck in the middle is very difficult to clean, then what should I do? What to do? It's very simple. Just stick a circle of double-sided tape under the label, and then swipe it across the middle of the keyboard like swiping a card, so that the garbage in the middle of the keyboard can be easily sucked out. How about this method?

3. Clean the stove

Friends who often go in and out of the kitchen know that cleaning the kitchen is a big deal, and the gaps in the kitchen stove are more difficult to clean, and as time goes by, the dirt will increase. At this point, we only need to use the label to brush in the gap of the stove, and all the dirt will be easily scraped off.

4. Homemade bookmarks

Friends who read books often cannot remember how many pages they saw last time, and folding a small corner on a new book is very distressing. In fact, there is no need to worry. Simple clothing labels can solve this problem, and labels can also be used. It serves as a bookmark. If you are very creative, you can also make some decorations on the label and make a unique bookmark yourself.

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