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How to Read the Hang Tags and Labels of Clothes?

Jul. 15, 2021

When buying clothes, don't just look at the price, but also look at the hang tags and labels. Infants and young children’s skin is delicate, and poor-quality clothes may harm the child’s skin. Therefore, parents should not just look good when buying baby clothes. Every piece of clothing will have a label. Today I will share with you how to read the tags and labels of baby clothes. As a Garment Accessories Supplier, share with you.

Leather Label

Leather Label


1. Look at the level label first.

Class A can be worn by infants and young children under 2 years old;

Category B is a product that can touch the skin;

Category C is a product that cannot directly touch the skin.

If you find category C or "qualified product" on the underwear, don't buy it.

2. Look at the size and type standard

If L, M, X, etc. are used to represent the size, it does not meet the standard. Such a product can only tell us that its manufacturer is not careful, and its quality is difficult to trust. The compliance mark is to use the number type mark, such as "73/48". The two numbers indicate height and chest and waist circumference respectively.

3. Look at the washing sign

The basic water washing symbol, it can have some changes, such as inserting a hand to indicate that it can be washed by hand, and marking a temperature such as 30°C to indicate that the water temperature must be controlled below this temperature.

The basic symbol of chlorine bleaching, the figure shows that chlorine bleaching is possible, and most of them are marked with an X, which means that chlorine bleaching is not possible.

The basic symbol of drying has several variations. There is a "丨" line in it, which means it can be hung to dry. If it is a "-" line, it means it should be laid flat to dry, such as woolen sweaters. If you draw an "O", it means it can be machined. Invert to dry.

The basic symbol for ironing. If you type "×", it means that ironing is not possible.

The basic symbol of professional maintenance. If there is a P in the circle, it means that it can be dry-cleaned. If there is a letter W in the circle, it means that professional wet cleaning should be selected. If there is nothing, it means it can be dry cleaned and there is no limit to the type of dry cleaning agent.

4. It is recommended to choose light-colored clothes

Try to avoid buying underwear that is too dark. For example, try to avoid buying underwear in navy, black, red, purple and other colors. The darker the color, the greater your chance of exposure to harmful substances in dyes.

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