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Silicone Rubber Labels are excellent alternatives to PVC labels. Silicone labels are more environmentally friendly than PVC labels because it’s non-toxic, Silicone labels tend to be softer and more flexible than PVC labels.. Silicone labels can also capture small details of your artwork and can be welded on felt backings.

Using PVC labels, Rubber labels and Silicone labels and patches can enhance the look of your clothing and other products by adding dimension in the look and feel.  Rubber materials are used for their durability, longevity and color stability.  We produce PVC and Silicone labels not only for apparel and footwear companies, but also for the automobile and packaging industries. Soft PVC Labels can be made to your specifications based on our ability to accurately translate your design, logo or idea into finished product, cause we are the Silicone Label Manufacturer.

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