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Can a Patch Be Used to Add Personality to the Jeans?

Jun. 16, 2021

After getting accustomed to the long-term company of certain basic items, we tend to forget their flexibility and flexibility. For example, the bright spot in American leisure culture ─ ─ jeans, under the strong influence of the current minimalist trend, are mostly plain, simple design, attention to the shape of tailored lines; however, jeans actually have a variety of creative editing, washing, coloring, printing, embroidery or surface treatment and other wonderful deformations, and it is the most suitable summer for putting on various colors and patterns. A jeans with full of personality will definitely be a worthwhile investment.

Stuffed Patch Label

Stuffed Patch Label

In this fashion wave, jeans decorated with graffiti, embroidery and patches are the most popular among fashionistas. Interesting totems, hand-painted colored brushstrokes and unexpected cutting techniques seem to ignite what girls have in their hearts. That artistic soul; below, you might as well explore the fascinating appearance of this must-have item with Custom Labels Manufacturer!

1. Various theme embroidery

The romantic flowers, the smiley cartoon-like patterns, and even the dark-style abstract totems, combined with the right fringe or washing effect, perfectly show the ambition of the individual girl to pursue a unique image.

2. Minimalist coloring

Whether it is colorful tie-dyeing or minimalist painting with geometric shapes, they are all the best choices to bring art into everyday life in the form of clothing.

3. Creative patch

Patches, a design trend that seems to never go away. From the negative impression of poverty and tastelessness in the past, it has gradually developed into the shape of girls to show creative styling highlights, ranging from different shades, materials, brushing colors, hollow designs, and special editions. The style is spliced to the jeans style with fringe decorated with large unit totems, which can make you fashionable and not easy to hit the shirt.

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